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Register a free Account on Paramount Dax Exchange

We show you how to register a Paramount Dax. Visit Paramount Dax Link 1.Go on Create Account 2.Enter your E-mail and a password 3.Perfect, it’s done. Visit Enter your mail Enter your password Confirm your password Accept the terms and conditions Press Register Paramount Dax account registration is free. There are several account user… Read More »

Account User Levels

Paramount Dax has several User Lines. No User Line Level Silver User Line Level Gold User Line Level Platinum User Line Level Black User Line Level Paramount Dax User Line No User Line Level – If you have no PRDX Token in your Account Wallet Silver User Line Level – If you have more than… Read More »

How Secure is paramount Dax?

Paramount Dax ist the most secure Cryptocurrency Exchange ever, it has a License to trade cryptocurrency and to offer online Wallets. Which is by law like a bank account. And all funds are insured up to 100 million dollar. The Exchange is only visitable via TLS ( Secure Layer Security ) / SSL ( Secure… Read More »

( KYC ) Verification on ParamountDax

Like on every other Exchange a verification is necessary, its for the safety of evry user. The Seller and the Buyer, moreover it is required by law to make verify the users via ID or Passport. Until 200 Dollar or Euro you can trade without KYC, but its always better to proof your idendity to… Read More »

why should i choose paramountdax?

ParamountDax is one of the first coin exchanges with license. It took 2 Years till ParamountDax went online. Not like others they were working few months on it. Its important only to sell and buy Crypto with Exchanges which has a license. And they have an insurance so nothing can happen with your Coins. The… Read More »

How to make money with Paramount dax affiliate?

First at all you to create an ParamountDax Account like we show you here The affiliate of Paramount Dax is very fair. Even you earn on the third generation of user who came from your Referral link. Its a trier Referral programm. For example you bring an user via your link, if that guy brings… Read More »