How Secure is paramount Dax?

By | February 15, 2020

Paramount Dax ist the most secure Cryptocurrency Exchange ever, it has a License to trade cryptocurrency and to offer online Wallets. Which is by law like a bank account.

And all funds are insured up to 100 million dollar.

The Exchange is only visitable via TLS ( Secure Layer Security ) / SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) which mean that all Datas you send to the Site are safe because their encrypted via a https://

Paramount Dax has a lot of Security features:

  1. Thats your Login password, you can change it any time.
  2. Thats a trade password, which protect your account from unauthorised trading.
  3. Google Authentication is a two factor autification, for that you need a smartphone where you can download the app.
  4. That protect you from fake and scam sites.
  5. If this option is on, you get always when you try to login to your ParamountDax account from a new computer, phone or ip you always get an e-mail with a link which you need to press.
  6. SMS Authentication is another two factor authentification, you will get a sms to your phone, always when you try to login.