PRDX / Paramount Dax ICO & Coin

ParamountDax is a new generation of Crypto Exchange where the daily profit of the exchange is getting shared PRDX coin / token holders. ICO is a way to get money to begin a business. Like shares, but instead to give a part of the Company is every Investor getting Coins.

How to make Money on Paramount Dax?

Paramount Dax is a profit sharing crypto exchange, which meens, the more PRDX Coins you hold. The more daily profit you get. There are 4 User Lines: Non Line Silver Line Gold Line Platinum Line Black Line With no PRDX Coins in your Account Wallet, you are a non line, meens you get no daily… Read More »

How can i deposit money on Paramount Dax?

To deposit money on Paramount Dax, login to your account go to Deposit, now you can make the deposit and load money to your trading account. You have many possibilities. First you need to open an account, to do this visit: To add funds with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and others use that tutorial… Read More »

Buy coins on paramount dax

We explain you how to buy coins on Paramount Dax. First load money or coins to your Paramount Dax account. If it arrived on your main account transfer it to your trading account ok its ready to buy coins. It is like that, some coins you can buy with FIAT money, some with Ripple, some… Read More »

Sell Coins on Paramount Dax

We explain you how to sell coins on Paramount Dax. To sell coins on Paramount Dax, transfer the coins from your private Wallet to Paramount Dax. It take secconds, minutes or hours till your coins arrive. When they are there you can start. Go to the coin you like to sell, there insert the amount… Read More »

Login in on Paramount dax

We show you how to login on Paramount Dax. Follow the Paramount Dax link, press Login. After you insert your email and passoword you are logged in.