How to make money with Paramount dax affiliate?

By | February 15, 2020

First at all you to create an ParamountDax Account like we show you here

The affiliate of Paramount Dax is very fair. Even you earn on the third generation of user who came from your Referral link. Its a trier Referral programm.

For example you bring an user via your link, if that guy brings another and if that one brings another one you earn from all 3 what they trade.

You earn 30% of the commission

Level A you earn 17% of the commission

Level B you earn 8% of the commission

Level C you earn 5% of the commission

1.See your Referrals

  1. Get your Referral Link.
  2. Your Referral Id, that give to friends.
  3. So many Referrals came with your affiliate.