Paramount Dax Tutorial

Your top guide to Paramount Dax Exchange

Paramount Dax is a centralised exchange for Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to FIAT that runs on the Ethereum ERC-20 Blockchain. This token shares dividends and generates a passive income to the holders of the PRDX token.

With this short and easy-to-understand Paramount Dax tutorial, we show you how to register an account, buy and sell coins, deposit money, and withdraw coins and money on Paramount Dax.

Paramount Dax Tutorial

1. First register a Paramount Dax account for free here at Paramount Dax

2. Verify your idendity with your ID, passport or drivers license (KYC)

3. Load a fund of your choice: FIAT deposit on your Paramount Dax account ( EURO-DOLLAR… ) or send Cryptos to your account wallet ( Bitcoin-Ripple… )

4. Congratulations, your account nows is verified. You are now ready to trade on Paramount Dax Exchange.

Question and Anwswers about Paramount Dax Exchange

How can I register a trading account on Paramount Dax?

To register an account on Paramount Dax, go to REGISTER. Insert your e-mail, first name, last name and your chosen password.

Is my money insured on Paramount Dax?

Yes, all funds on the Platform are insured UP TO 100M $ by, a leading company supported by Barclays bank.

Does Paramount Dax have a trading license?

Yes, it has a license to trade crypto and FIAT currency.

License FVR000363 for exchanging virtual currency to FIAT currency

License FRK000304 for providing virtual currency wallet services

What are the advantages of Holding the PRDX token?

Advantages for PRDX holders are:

  • 46% of the net commissions generated from the exchange every day. This exceeds the reward systems offered by any other exchange on the market.
  • Reduction in trading fees from 5% up to 25%, based on the number of PRDX tokens held.
  • BUY BACK & BURN. With 8-10% of net commissions, Paramount Dax buys back its own tokens at the current market price and will burn them until reaching 65M tokens in circulation. This raises the market valiue of the token while lowering the total supply.

Is there a referral program, like in other Exchanges?

Yes. When inviting new users to use the platform, Paramount Dax will reward you with 30% of their generated trading fees in 3 levels:

  • 17% from the fees from Referral 1
  • 8% from Referral 1’s next referral (Referral 2)
  • 5% from Referral 2’s next referral (Referral 3)

Where is Paramount Dax located?

Paramount Dax is located in Klesklinna, Estonia.

Is Paramount Dax Exchange safe?

Yes, Paramount Dax Exchange is secure and safe. It is one of the few coin exchange platforms that has the licence to be a official exchange and insures funds for all traders.

Unlike other exchanges on the market, Paramount Dax won’t declare fake daily volumes.

What about the different user levels (SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and BLACK line)?

The lines simply identify how many tokens are being held on the platform. Based on this, you receive a greater discount on trading fees and a higher percentage of the dividends. SILVER line is for those who own from 1 PRDX up to 9999 PRDX tokens. GOLD line is for those who hold from 10000 PRDX up to 16999 PRDX tokens. Holders of 17000 PRDX to 44999 PRDX tokens are considered PLATINUM line. And BLACK liine are the accounts with more then 45000 PRDX tokens.

Is it possible to use the Paramount Dax platform without being on the SILVER line, GOLD line, PLATINUM line or BLACK line?

Yes, those who don’t have a SILVER line, GOLD line, PLATINUM line or BLACK line can still trade on Paramount Dax.

How much do I need to pay in trading fees?

This depends which user level you have. You can trade without to have an user level, but the fees are lower as you increase user levels. This also depends if you are a Taker or a Maker, which is different from being a seller or a buyer. Makers and Takers are both buyers, but they buy tokens/coins in different formats.


When you have placed an order that trades immediately, partially or fully filled before going on the order book, the trade is a “Taker” trade.

Trades from market orders are always Takers, as market orders can never go on the order book. These trades are “taking” volume off of the order book, and therefore are called “Taker”.


When you have placed an order that goes on the order book partially or fully, such as a limit order placed via the trading screen on, any subsequent trades from this order will be a “Maker” trade.

These orders add volume to the order book and help “make the market,” and are therefore termed “Maker” for any subsequent trades.

Line Coins in Ihrem Wallet (PRDX) Maker Fee Taker Fee

No line

≥ 0 PRDX




≥ 1 PRDX




≥ 10.000 PRDX




≥ 17.000PRDX


Black ≥ 45.000PRDX 0.09% 0.187%

How do I calculate dividends with Paramount Dax?

Paramount Dax is the only exchange that allows token holders to participate in 46% of the net trading fees produced on the platform. The following calculation is made on a daily volume of 5 million USD, and with a ratye of the PRDX token at 0.15 USD.

COMMISSION BEFORE TAX = 5M in 24h x 0.37% (0.25% Taker + 0.12% Maker) = $18500

NET COMMISSION = $18500 25% max fee discount for the token holder = $13875

With a $5 million volume in 24 hours on the platform, the net profit for Paramount Dax is $13875. Of this amount, 46% will be shared by Paramount Dox token holders, as seen below:

  • 25% for SILVER LINE:           $13875 – 25% = $3468  x $0.15 corresponds to 23120 PRDX tokens
  • 10% for GOLD LINE:               $13875 – 10% = $1387 x $0.15 corresponds to 9246 PRDX tokens
  • 7% for PLATINUM LINE:            $13875 – 7% =  $971 x $0.15 corresponds to 6473 PRDX tokens
  • 4% for BLACK LINE:                    $13875 – 4% = $555 x $0.15 corresponds to 3700 PRDX tokens 

Distribution25% + 10% + 7% + 4%  46%

The sum of the percentages above correspond to the 46% shared with token holders. A few examples are provided below:

When Paramount Dax assigns 25% of the daily net profit to those on the SILVER line, it is divided equally among the GOLD, PLATINUM AND BLACK lines;                                                                                                                 23120 PRDX  : 4 (silver+gold+platinum+black)= 5780 PRDX

When Paramount Dax assigns 10% of the net daily profit to those on the GOLD line, it is divided equally among the PLATINUM AND BLACK lines:                                                                                                                              9246 PRDX  : 3 (gold+platinum+black) = 3082 PRDX     

When Paramount Dax assigns 7% of the net daily profit to those on the PLATINUM line, it is divided equally with the BLACK line:                                                                                                                                                                              6473 PRDX  : 2 (platinum+black) = 3236 PRDX

When Paramount Dax assigns 4% of the net daily profit to those on the BLACK line, there is no division of the funds:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3700 PRDX  : 1 (black) = 3700 PRDX

Below is a summary of the tokens earned in each package, and how the net daily profits are divided:

  • SILVER LINE            5780                                             =          5780 PRDX
  • GOLD LINE              5780 + 3082                                =         8862  PRDX
  • PLATINUM LINE      5780 + 3082 + 3236                  =         12098  PRDX
  • BLACK LINE              5780 + 3082 + 3236 + 3700    =         15798   PRDX

How can I understand how much I can earn?

Based on a simple hypothetical calculation, where the sum of all PRDX tokens in circulation amounts to 80 000 000, the Paramount Dax software will determine how many tokens will be distrubuted along all the different lines (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black).

** Please read to the bottom of this section for the full comprehensive calculation **

Given that all tokens in the BLACK line are equal to                                 10M tokens                                   Given that all tokens in the PLATINUM line are equal to                         15M tokens                                  Given that all tokens in the GOLD line are equal to                                  20M tokens                                   Given that all tokens in the SILVER line are equal to                                35M tokens

Therefore, we can determine the profit by dividing the net daily profit by the tokens produced daily by each particular line. For example, the SILVER line:

  •     5780 PRDX  :  35 000 000  PRDX  =   0.000165     PRDX

Now, the same calcluation can be repeated to determine profit from the GOLD, PLATINUM and BLACK lines:

  •  GOLD  LINE                            8862 PRDX  :  20 000 000  PRDX  =   0.000443     PRDX
  •  PLATINUM  LINE                  12098 PRDX  :  15 000 000  PRDX  =   0.000806     PRDX
  •  BLACK  LINE                          15798 PRDX  :  10 000 000  PRDX  =   0.001579     PRDX

To understand how much can be earned per day, you can multiply the results above by the number of PRDX tokens you currently hold in your wallet.

If you hold 60 000 PRDX tokens in your account :       60 000   x  0.001579  =  94.74 PRDX                                     If you hold 40 000 PRDX tokens in your account:       40 000   x  0.000806  =  32.24 PRDX                                      If you hold 15 000 PRDX tokens in your account:      15 000   x  0.000443 =   6.65 PRDX                                          If you hold 9 000 PRDX tokens in your account:        9 000   x  0.000165 =   1.48 PRDX

To calculate the profits in dollars per day, multiply the PRDX profit by its current dollar value. In this case, we are using the value of $0.15 as an example:

Daily profit in USD with    60 000 PRDX =  94.74 PRDX   x   0.15$   =     $14.21 / day                                        Daily profit in USD with    40 000 PRDX =  32.24 PRDX   x   0.15$   =     $4.84 / day                                          Daily profit in USD with   15 000 PRDX =  6.65 PRDX   x   0.15$   =     $1 / day                                                  Daily profit in USD with   9 000 PRDX =  1.48 PRDX   x   0.15$   =     $0.22 / day

Volume (24H)Daily profit on 46%SILVER line user with 9,000 PRDXGOLD line user with 16,000 PRDXPLATINUM line user with 44,000 PRDXBLACK line user with 50,000 PRDX
  $ Initial $ 0.15$ Initial $ 0.15$ Initial $ 0.15$ Initial $ 0.15
5M$ 6,382$ 0.22$ 1.06$ 5.32$ 11.85
10M$ 12,784$ 0.44$ 2.12$ 10.64$ 23.70
20M$ 25,528$ 0.88$ 4.24$ 21.28$ 47.40
40M$ 51,056$ 1.76$ 8.48$ 42.56$ 94.80
80M$ 102,112$ 3.52$ 16.96$ 85.12$ 189.60
160M$ 204,224$ 7.04$ 33.92$ 170.24$ 379.20

The table above provides an estimate of daily earnings, given an estimated circulation of 80M PRDX tokens. The first column, starting from the left side, shows the daily volumes in USD. At this point, we have made the calculations based on a 24-hour volume of 5M, but it is possible to arrive at a daily volume of 160M, because of the leverage permitted by Paramount Dax. In the second column from the left, you can see the daily value of the 46% profit in USD, when the PRDX token has a value of $0.15. Starting from the third column from the left, you can see the calculations of the daily profit in USD, based on the SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and BLACK lines.

How can I deposit crypto or FIAT funds on Paramount Dax?

To deposit funds, you can use your bank account or you can tranfer bitcoin, iota or ripple to trade on Paramount Dax.

How can I withdraw crypto or FIAT funds from my Paramount Dax account to my bank account?

Can I exchange from Crypto to FIAT currency (e.g. Dollar, EURO, Yen) in the Paramount Dax exchange?

Yes you can, it is possible to convert your Crypto funds to FIAT money.

Is there any trading limit?

Without verifying your identity, the limit is 200 USD. With identity verification, there is no limit.

How and when can I withdraw my funds?

There is no time limit before you are able to withdraw your funds from the exchange. At any time, you can transfer funds to either your bank account or your crypro wallet.

Which Cryptocurrencies are listed on Paramount Dax?

All predominant coins, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Tether, IOTA, Monero and more are listed on Paramount Dax.

How can I recieve coins to my Paramount Dax account wallet?

Simply send your coins from your private Wallet to your PRDX account wallet.

How can I deposit money on Paramount Dax?

You can deposit funds through your credit card or bank account.

How can I buy coins on Paramount Dax?

How can I sell coins on Paramount Dax?